Payments Checklist

  1. Check Payments are configured
  2. Place a test order

Check Payments are configured

  1. From the Neto Control Panel select the Settings & tools > Payments methods

  2. Here you will be presented with your current payment methods, each with their own individual options etc. To add a new payment method, click Add New.

Ensure your selected Payment Methods are set to active and are visible to visible to the customer.

Place a test order

The only way to test if your payment method(s) has been set up correctly is to place an order from the website front end like a normal internet customer and to check out, paying with the payment method(s).

Trial and staging accounts are set up to allow this and we highly recommend that you test all integrated payment methods prior to going live.

  1. Change the pricing of one product to a very low amount, like $0.01
  2. Navigate to the website front end/ shop and locate the product
  3. Add one cart
  4. Complete check out following the prompts
  5. Check for the paid order in the website control panel / back end
  6. Don't forget to change the product price back to your retail price afterwards!

This is also a good opportunity to practice processing an order, creating an RMA (returned merchandise authorisation) and processing a refund.

Optional Extra's

  1. Configure Google Analytics

Configure Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that allows you to view detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.

You can create a Google Analytic account here:

Once you have created an account you should turn on "e-commerce tracking". This will allow you to track sales and conversions.

Find out how to install the Google Analytics Addon.

Last Modified: 26/04/2016