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Magic Whiteboard Australia is the exclusive distributor for Magic Whiteboard products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Magic Whiteboard is an instant reusable whiteboard that sticks to any hard, flat surface using static!

"We chose Neto as our ecommerce platform because it is an entire solution rather than just a website."

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What inspired the start of Magic Whiteboard?

Magic Whiteboard was originally on an inventors show called Dragon’s Den, which is aired in the UK. Its inventor, Neil Westwood, worked as a trainer for the local hospital and was inspired to develop Magic Whiteboard because he was fed up carrying the flipchart stand around the wards. Between the husband and wife team, a Magic Whiteboard was invented and pitched to the Dragon’s Den judges. They won a significant capital investment from two of the four judges! Today Magic Whiteboard is sold over 20 countries and 500 stores around the world.

What challenges were you facing before Neto?

Magic Whiteboard Australia is seeing significant growth in sales and in customers. As a result, the old website’s order processing and CRM couldn’t handle the volumes and was overloading our team with tedious and unnecessary work.

We needed to not only streamline ordering for our customers, but also implement an entire new back end so the company could continue to strive.

The major challenge we faced whilst trying to solve this problem was that we needed an ecommerce website that: looked good, was customer friendly, included a CRM, included payment gateways, allowed over the phone sales, had stock management features, showed us live pick and pack statuses and integrated with our offsite warehouse – all within the budget of a small business.

What made you choose Neto as your ecommerce platform?

We chose Neto as our ecommerce platform because it is an entire solution rather than just a website.

We use a third party to fulfil and dispatch our orders, so it was great that the warehouse could completely integrate with the Neto platform.

As we have products that only vary slightly, we wanted to completely ensure that the right items are packed every time. The mobile Pick’n Pack™ system makes sure of this, and with the simple set up process, our bottom line is better off.

We can see at what stage an order is at by simply be logging into our Neto control panel. This kind of visibility is essential when your stock is being packed offsite!


What was the end result?

We love the fact that we don’t have to add anything! Everything that we could have wanted is already included in the package. Magic Whiteboard is a product that works great in packs that include a roll, markers and an eraser. Neto already has the kitting feature, which makes packs of multiple products easy for accounting, sales and the warehouse to understand.

We especially love the wholesale feature, which is integrated across the entire platform. Our wholesalers can register for an account and then view the entire store at wholesale pricing. When they place orders the system creates plain invoices, pack slips and labels so our warehouse can easily drop ship to the wholesaler’s customer. It eliminates all room for error as everything is done automatically.

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