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Any business wanting to make the transition to ecommerce in order to sell its products and services online more effectively needs to know that the new system integrates seamlessly with its accounting software.

MYOB is Australia's most popular accounting package with over 1.2 million businesses using it to automate, simplify and streamline their main accounting processes.

That’s why Neto has ensured that MYOB integration is simple and effective, meaning that invoicing, credits, tracking customers, products and inventory, and making and receiving payments remains easy with MYOB.

Now you are able to focus on the important work of growing your business without having to spend time on adjusting back-end processes.

What our MYOB integration can do for your business

Concerned about how your existing accounting software will integrate with the Neto ecommerce platform?

Using the accounting integration module on your Neto store helps you keep the creation and processing of sales and purchase invoices automated and ensures that all accounting activity remains efficient, without the unnecessary duplication of data entries.

We have made the process of MYOB integration straightforward, using our add-ons that allow you to create an ecommerce ecosystem that works seamlessly in your business.

When you employ the MYOB online store integration through Neto you can:

  • Download invoices, payments, customer data and credits
  • Upload customer data, item (inventory) data and purchase orders.

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