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301 Redirects and Neto

301 Redirects and Neto

A 301 redirect is a method of telling web browsers and search engines that a web page or site has been permanently moved to a new location. Usually a 301 redirect includes the address to which the resource has been moved. Web browsers will typically follow 301 redirects to the new location automatically, without the need for user action.
A 301 redirect should be used whenever a website is moved to a new domain name (URL) so that search engines will quickly change their indeces and, in theory, preserve the search engine rankings that the site had at the previous domain.

It is extremely important that the shopping cart software you choose has the ability to quickly and easily set-up 301 re-directs so that when you move your current website over you lessen the chance of losing positive search engine rankings.

With the Neto E-commerce Suite you can add and import 301 redirect commands directly from your Control Panel. This can be done prior to "Go Live" ensuring that search engines are correctly directed the first time they visit your new website. Another great feature of the Neto system is its ability to automatically create 301 redirects for old category or product pages that you have deleted from your Neto website. This essentially means that search engines and web users will never come across nasty 401 Page Not Found results. 

Need help uploading your 301 redirect import file? Contact support today or call your account manager. 

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