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It’s official, Amazon is coming to Australia!

It’s official, Amazon is coming to Australia!

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

Since the publication of this article Amazon Australia has officially launched, for more information check out our latest blog post on the Amazon Australia launch.

Although an exact timeline for the Amazon entry has not been provided, in line with our mission to enable everyone to sell everywhere, our Amazon marketplace integration will be launching shortly. The integration will support listing, management of inventory and orders on the Amazon Australia marketplace.

There’s no denying Amazon’s arrival is going to have a huge impact - it’s estimated Australian’s already spend $700m each year on and Amazon’s overseas sites, and Citigroup’s Head of Research, Craig Woolford, estimates that Amazon’s Australian sales could exceed $4 billion within 5 years. That equates to 14% of total online sales and over 1% of total retail sales in Australia.

While, these figures cannot be ignored, they do not mean every retailer will suffer declining sales. If you proactively implement a smart sales strategy that takes advantage of the changing retail landscape, you may even see your sales increase.

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Are you ready for Amazon?

Manage Amazon from Neto

According to research from Nielsen, three out of four Australians say they are “interested” in Amazon Australia and 56% say they will buy when it launches - Wouldn’t it be nice to get your products in front of these potential customers? 

Don’t wait until the marketplace giant arrives, prepare for Amazon today. Neto allows you to seamlessly manage listings, customers, and sales all from the one platform. With Neto you will be able to: 

  • Manage listings from one dashboard
  • Control the products and quantities sold
  • Manage and fulfil orders directly from Neto
Tap into Amazon’s massive potential. Email, or start a free trial to get started. 


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