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Customer Success Story – Introducing Blue Pod Coffee

Customer Success Story – Introducing Blue Pod Coffee

Rebecca White
Rebecca White
The Blue Pod Coffee Company is an Australian owned company offering free on loan coffee machines to homes and businesses using the Lavazza coffee capsule system.
“I spent 6 months looking for an ecommerce solution for our business. After one conversation with Ryan Murtagh from Neto, I felt confident he understood our problem and was able to deliver a solution.”
Brian Chaitman
Director, Blue Pod

The Challenge

A combined e-commerce and CRM solution that automated a manual process
For our business to grow we needed an e-commerce solution that integrated with a CRM that allowed us to automate communication with our customers.
The backbone of our business is based on two databases – a customer database and an asset database. We needed a system that allowed these two databases to talk to each other plus keep an accurate up-to-date history of both our customers and our coffee machines.
Key to business growth was the automation of manual processes. For example, if a customer wanted to upgrade their coffee machine, we needed a system that automatically sends a message to the warehouse, coordinates the dispatch and updates the customer’s file.  Similarly, we needed a system that keeps tabs on a customer’s ordering history, flagging any customers that have not met their required coffee pod order to continue qualifying for a free machine. 
The Solution

Neto delivered customized solution – perfect for our online business
The team at Neto created an e-commerce solution that allows a seamless online ordering system for Blue Pod customers. Everything can be done via our website, from the initial contact, to drafting and accepting our proposal, to the dispatch of a coffee machine and capsules.
Customers can still ring us but our website has all the information a customer needs to make a decision and to maintain their account.  This, plus the automation of manual processes (like follow up emails) has allowed us to grow exponentially.
The Results

Since using Neto e-commerce solution we have experienced 30% year on year growth
For the past 7 years, Blue Pod Coffee Co has grown by at least 30% year on year. We could never have managed this level of growth without a system like Neto.

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