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Exciting News For Email Marketers :)

Exciting News For Email Marketers :)


Next month Neto will be launching its integrated email marketing platform. This platform will allow users to create and send email newsletters to subscribed users with ease, speed and creativity directly from within the Neto control panel. 

As well as having all the features of other leading email marketing solutions and integrating directly with your Neto customer database the Neto Email Campaign Manager will offer the following key features:


1.        Find out who has opened your e-mails , forwarded your emails or bought from your emails
Review your reports in the application or download them into an Excel document. Also integrated with Google Analytics.

2.        Send out surveys to everyone who bought your products and find out how things are going
Are your customers happy? Find out by making a survey and sending it out to your contacts.

3.        Target different emails to different groups of customers or prospects
Each group of contacts can receive a slightly different version of your email. You can even target by products purchased or YTD sales.

4.        Personalise your emails
‘Dear Jane’ is far more effective than ‘Dear Customer’.

5.        Schedule an email to go out while you're on the beach
The scheduling function can run while you’re out of the office.

6.        Choose from a library of Pre-made templates
We give you a free branded template and offer a number of pre-made templates you can use to match your branding.

The Neto Email Campaign Manager will be competitively priced and will be available on a monthly plan or pay per email plan. We will be keeping you updated as to the progress of this project so watch this space!

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