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Exciting News - Netov4 Is Coming!

Exciting News - Netov4 Is Coming!

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

Over the past year Neto has invested heavily in developing and improving its suite of e-commerce software and services.

We plan to roll out these improvements over the next few months in stages. The first of which will occur in the next 1 to 2 weeks.  This email is designed to highlight some of these improvements and prepare you for what we believe will be an exciting time for all Neto users.

In addition to software improvements we have also updated our corporate identity; you will notice our new logo in the header of this email…..

New User Interface!

We have re-built our user interface (control panel) from scratch.

We are using the latest technology to load content faster and deliver a better user experience.

New Design

Custom User Dashboards

Now all your staff members can have their very own customisable dashboard with drag and drop support. Simply drag and drop “widgets” and “midgets” onto your dashboard.  

The system will automatically save your changes to your account. Admin users can also control which “widgets” and “midgets” staff members have access to.

User Permissions

Our new user permissions systems allows you to control exactly what a staff member can see and do from within your control panel on a page by page basis. 

Simply create user groups and assign users to these groups. For example, create a user group just for external SEO users who only have access to content pages. You can even define which reports users have access to and which “widgets” and “midgets” they can use on their dashboards.



Improved Search

Now you can search for customers, orders, assets and products directly from the header of any page. The improved search is design to save you time!

Saved Filters (Bookmarks)

Save common searches or filters to your user account for future access. Now you can simply click a link on your dashboard or under the “saved filters” menu on any page to run your most popular queries.



New Navigation Menu

We have kept the core navigation structure much the same (so that you and your staff do not need to re-learn everything) however we have added a few more useful links, notifications and improved usability.

System Configuration

Gone are all the separate configuration links. Now your system setup and config is in one simple to navigate screen. Once you have completed a setup step, mark it as complete and it will be removed from your pending to do list automatically.


Help Desk

New Support / Help Desk

We are busy populating our new support / help desk with hundreds of pages of new helpful content, and over 50 support videos. This content and videos will be available directly from the related pages in your control panel as well as in our new self help support centre.

Paperless Pick n’ Pack

This is probably the most existing development in the past few years. The ability to scan pick, pack and print shipping labels from mobile devices. 

Not only will this dramatically improve your warehouse order processing times but it will also improve your pick accuracy (with barcode scanning support). Gone are the days of picking from a paper invoice or pick slip.

We have designed this wireless system to work with the ipod touch and iphone in conjunction with a special cradle (pictured) and standard thermal label printers (for shipping labels). More information on this exciting development to follow….

Quote from alpha tester (Sue @ Ausjet) :

“We could never go back to paper picking again – this has changed our business forever!”  

Paperless Pick

We hope that the above has whet your appetite and look forward to implementing these improvements soon. We will keep you posted by email. If you have any questions or comments please email or call 1300 730 300.

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