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Google Plus Is The Word

Google Plus Is The Word

Meredith Collins
Meredith Collins
Google Plus is the word on the social media strategists, evangelists, gurus and spectators’ lips!  Where will it go, how quickly will we see uptake, what will be the business benefit and more.
At present, unless you have a Gmail account it is still tricky to get an account, although you can be invited.
Whilst I am not recommending to clients that they jump into Google Plus (yet) – after all, who needs yet another online medium to manage – I think this video is fairly compelling in terms of Google’s ‘ownership’ of the Web and why we might want to seriously consider using Google Plus.  Google will be looking towards complete integration of all their apps and products - this has to be result in convenience and efficiency for all of us!
I also think that as the world’s newest social medium and in Google’s quest to rule the world, that Google Plus will add serious weight to Google’s algorithm and your website’s subsequent ranking on their search engine.
Have you registered yet?  How are you finding Google Plus?

Thanks to Meredith at for this post!

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