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How Can Shopping Comparison Feeds Benefit Your Business?

How Can Shopping Comparison Feeds Benefit Your Business?

Candice Gunn
Candice Gunn
If you have an online store, you should definitely make it a point to seek help from comparison sites.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)  are pay per click (PPC) sites that work by displaying products from various retailers (aka merchants) for shoppers to then compare, with each product linking back to the merchant’s own website for the transaction to take place, therefore increasing traffic & promoting your brand.

Some of the key benefits of using CSEs such as, and include:

1.       Driving additional traffic to your site - By listing your products on comparison shopping sites, you’ll be able to drive additional traffic to your own site, where people can see both the products & benefits your store has to offer, thereby turning this targeted searcher into targeted traffic for your site. The best traffic you can get.
2.       Targeting existing traffic – Quite often online stores will receive a steady stream of traffic, however they fail to capitalize on this traffic as most of the users who come to their site are window shoppers who love to explore their options but are not actually converting the ‘click’. By using CSEs you get the major advantage of targeted traffic being driven to your site & therefore a higher percentage will convert to sales.
3.       Increasing your search engine ranking positions (SERP’s) - CSEs offer more than just their own existing traffic. They also usually rank somewhere in the top ten of Google for the products they list. So if you’re a new online store and you simply don’t have the traffic yet, these sites give you the opportunity to get in the top ten rankings almost immediately. Even if you’re breaking even, you can potentially get a new customer that you can convert into a loyal customer.

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