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How should I charge for shipping?

How should I charge for shipping?

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh
There is no doubting the fact that shipping costs are an important factor in any consumer’s purchase decision making process.  Therefore you should think carefully about how, and how much to charge for shipping. 
Below are some of the most popular ways to charge for shipping
  • Free Shipping
    Add the cost of shipping into your selling price - this is becoming a popular option, embraced by some of Australia’s largest online retailers.  Consumers love free shipping.
  • Free Over “x” Amount
    Charge a flat rate or tiered price for shipping up to a certain order value after which shipping is free.  This method can increase average order value and drive up sales.
  • Cubic / Weight Based Shipping
    Shipping costs are calculated on the cubic or weight of the order and the destination post code.  The larger the order, the more expensive the shipping will be using this method.   This is typically how freight carriers charge for shipping and is therefore the most accurate way for you to charge for shipping.  There is less risk involved in this method.
  • Flat Rate Shipping
    Charge a flat rate based on the order value. 
  • Per Item Shipping
    Charge a different flat rate per product.  This allows you to set different rates for different items. 

How Do Shipping Carriers Charge For Shipping?

Shipping costs are typically determined by 3 things:
  • The size of the shipment
  • The destination address
  • The service used (e.g.: express or standard)
It is important to negotiate the best possible freight rates with your carriers.  If possible, try to secure a flat rate for particular carton or satchel sizes.  You will find that different carriers offer different rates for different delivery locations.  It is therefore important to offer multiple carriers where possible.  With Neto you can offer multiple carriers and multiple services to your customers, empowering the customer to make their own choice when it comes to how and when they receive their order.

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