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Important: eBay Cyber Attack

Important: eBay Cyber Attack

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh
Recently, eBay discovered a cyber-attack on their corporate information network. This attack compromised a database containing eBay user passwords.
Here’s what you need to know:
  • eBay have no evidence that financial information was accessed or compromised. And passwords were encrypted.
  • The attack occurred between late February and early March.
  • As a precaution all eBay users (both buyers and sellers) must change their passwords. 
  • As an additional precaution, sellers who are integrated via APIs and whose tokens were issued after late February will need to update their tokens immediately so that they can continue listing and doing business on the site.
Here's what you need to do:
  • Change your eBay password
  • Regenerate your eBay token
How to regenerate your eBay token:
  1. Login to your Neto control panel
  2. Go to: eBay > eBay Setup > eBay Store Manager
  3. Click on the name of the store you want to regenerate a new token for
  4. Click "Generate New eBay Token"
You will then be directed to the eBay site to login and authorise Neto to access your account. Once you have completed this step a new token will be automatically generated.

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