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Increase Your Conversion Rates With Free Shipping

Increase Your Conversion Rates With Free Shipping

Candice Gunn
Candice Gunn

Do you offer free shipping on your online store? 

There is clear evidence indicating shopping sites that offer free shipping generate more customer engagement, leading to an increase in your online sales. Offering Free Shipping is a great way to enhance your relationship with customers, grow your business and gives you a competitive edge over other sellers that offer discounted prices as opposed to no shipping costs.

According to for the first quarter of 2012, 48.8% of ecommerce transactions included free shipping (the highest percentage recorded outside the holiday shopping seasons); shoppers spent on average 30% more when free shipping was offered and 52% of abandoned online shopping carts in 2011 were due to a lack of free shipping deals. As a seller on eBay you also have the added benefit of receiving a higher placement in search fields and you will receive an automatic five star rating as well. By having the offer of free shipping you are able to incorporate the delivery costs into the fixed price for your product and still engage with your customers in a positive way.

We encourage you to experiment with offering free shipping on your site.

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