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Increasing Conversions with Neto M@il

Increasing Conversions with Neto M@il

Brandon Sheppard
Brandon Sheppard
One pitfall of third-party mailing list applications is the way they take users away from your site when they subscribe to your mailing list. Taking your user away from your site, especially without a link back, is always risky, as it takes them away from your products and content and some users may not return.

So when implementing Neto M@il we were sure to keep users on your Neto store for the entire sign up process. Having your own, customisable success page is great. It keeps the user local and you can even put promotional products and buying guides on the page to show off your stock. This is particularly effective if you're one of the many businesses who offer their customers free vouchers when they sign up.

Check out this sneak peak of the thanks for subscribing page we set up for our new demo store!

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