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It's March Already!?

It's March Already!?

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh
It has been a busy two months here at Neto with major developments such as Neto Pick'n Pack & Neto M@il reaching finalisation. In fact, we are extremely excited to announce that both of these solutions will be released to existing Neto clients over the next 10 days. We will be sending out separate emails about each solution with more details and instructions in the very near future.

While we have been cutting code, our friends at Fabric Studio have been busy redesigning our offices. Its amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some funky additions can do to a workspace! 

There are also a few new faces around the office this month. We have welcomed Jess (Web Design), Scott (Customer Service), Ben (Programmer) & Rebecca (Marketing & PR) to the team. No doubt many of you will be speaking to them on the phone or even meeting them in person. Welcome to the team guys and girls!

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