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Mobile Pick'n Pack Webinar

Mobile Pick'n Pack Webinar

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

Are you spending to much time processing orders? Have you ever picked the wrong item? Are you concerned with printing and paper costs? Have you always wanted to reduce your delivery times and improve customer satisfaction? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then join us for a live webinar on Neto Pick n’ Pack.

What is Pick ‘n Pack?

Pick’n Pack provides the mobile order processing functionality and full-cycle visibility you need to deliver the perfect order and service excellence your customers deserve, while keeping warehouse and shipping costs under control.

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday 16th April 2014
Time: 11am 
Cost: Free

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What we’ll cover

Increase Efficiency Increase Efficiency
Sort order by zone, sku or shipping method. Increase your warehouse efficiency by assigning users to zones and having them pick by zone.
Scan or Touch Scan or Touch to Pick Orders
Save time and improve accuracy with barcode picking or use our "touch to pick” function. Incorrect picks signaled by an error tone or vibration.
Print Wirelessly Print Wirelessly
Generate real time shipping cost estimates and print shipping labels & manifests to compatible mobile or desktop printers.
Save Money Save Money
With the cost of paper, incorrect picks and data entry errors, Neto Pick'n Pack pays for itself. From just $29 per month + hardware.

Don’t miss out on this once off opportunity. Increase your productivity, increase your efficiency, reduce your cost, and blow your competition out of the water!

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