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Neto and SEO: The basics of optimising your store

Neto and SEO: The basics of optimising your store

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

The Neto platform makes it simple to ensure your customers can find you online. It has a range of optimisation features, as well as other marketing innovations, to take your online store deeper into the Internet and reach as many people as possible.

The importance of SEO

Search engine traffic is vital to the success of any online store and is an indicator of trustworthiness that paid advertising can’t convey. Google uses complex algorithms to rank sites and it isn’t simply a matter of keyword density and a lot of backlinks. As the search industry has grown and evolved, search engines have become more efficient and effective at using a wide range of quality factors to decide where a site ranks. The most important factors are quality content and a strong backlink profile. These two pieces work together to build a site’s authority and help it rank.

How Neto helps to optimise your site

Neto uses sophisticated programming to ensure your site offers a great user experience. It is designed to maximise conversion and help customers find what they want quickly and easily. But what about finding your site amongst the competition? The Neto platform provides many SEO elements as part of the standard service, making it easier for people to find your business and engage with your brand.

Global content delivery network

We aren’t limited by geography and neither is your site. Our worldwide network ensures your site can be seen around the globe, with fast and reliable performance.

Customisable URLs

Targeted URLs are an important part of optimising your site. Neto allows you to change each page’s address to match the targeted keywords, as well as the content of the page itself.

XML sitemaps

A sitemap is vital to the indexing process and is exactly what it sounds like – a map of your site for the search engine crawler to follow. XML has become the standard language for sitemaps and is used around the world, on sites of every size and type.

Tips for optimising your site

Beyond the inbuilt platform factors, there are several steps you can take to give your site the best chance of ranking. SEO isn’t an exact science, but by implementing these tips you will be following best practice and make it easier for Google to see the value in your site.


Make sure your images are labelled correctly, including the alt text. They are more likely to show up in image search results if the filename is descriptive of the image’s contents, rather than simply an arbitrary number or just “logo”.

Meta descriptions

This is mainly a factor for improving click through rate and helping customers see that your page may be the one they're looking for. However, by making sure they are optimised with your keywords and business name, you will benefit from the search terms being highlighted and eye-catching to the user when your result shows on the page.

Robots exclusion protocol

REP or the robots.txt allows the webmaster to specify certain pages they don’t want the crawler to access and gives them a level of control over how their site is indexed. It is useful for blocking pages that have a lot of duplicate content, which can negatively impact the ranking results.

The other marketing features of Neto

SEO is just a part of the puzzle and should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy. Neto ensures your business and brand can make the most of every available channel with a range of features to showcase your products and services to the best possible audience.

Abandoned cart saver

Designed to bring back customers who had second thoughts or became distracted, remarketing has increased in popularity as it has proven to be a valuable driver of revenue.

Integrated email marketing

By using a combination of order history and customer profiling, you can send targeted emails that create high-value leads.

Cross-sell and up-sell

With suggestions appearing on the product page and at the checkout, showing your customers related products is a simple way to improve average spend and promote other items to engaged users.

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