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Neto - Changes

Neto - Changes


Thank you for your continued support of Neto.  It is a very exciting time in the online space and the team at Neto are in the process of taking our Neto offering to the next level.

As you are aware, we have been developing the Neto Suite of online products for the past five years.  Our development team is continuing to refine our various integrations to third party products and we are about to release a new integration with Ebay and Saasu in the coming weeks.  In addition to these product developments we have seen significant growth in the online space and a strong increase in demand for our services.  To this end Neto is continuing to increase its skill set and we are employing more developers.  Additionally, a number of our clients are seeking guidance in the online environment and Neto has also developed a Consultancy arm of our business to work with clients in growing their online business operations and to provide them advice in this area.

In writing this letter, we wish to advise that the founders of Neto have sold part of their business to a private equity company (which specialises in the online space) and this will allow our service offerings to all clients to be rapidly expanded.  This transition is effective 1 February, 2011.  We intend to operate Neto in a similar manner as it has been currently operating but with an increasing focus on product development and consulting activities.  Our team is in the process of finalising our new business plan for Neto and we intend to launch a new website by mid March, so stay tuned.

As part of this growth we have also developed a strategic alliance with the integr8 Group ( The integr8 Business Services Group offers small to medium businesses the opportunity to consolidate their professional services within the one group of independent business professionals, whom are also operating through the one location, thus leading to increased synergies, cost savings and ultimately profitability.  A further reason for joining the integr8 Group is that they represent a cutting edge group of professionals, specialising in the online and digital environments.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback about your Neto experience or would like to put forward suggestions about other features and products you would like to see as part of the Neto Suite then please email us at

We take this opportunity to once again thank you for being a Neto customer and look forward to working with you in 2011.

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