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Neto eCommerce has integrated with OneSaas 

Neto eCommerce has integrated with OneSaas 

We are pleased to announce that Neto has successfully integrated with OneSaas, a “Software-as-a-Service” cloud integration platform which connects your favourite web apps to your Neto store.

OneSaas will make your Neto website function seamlessly with your accounting, fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, CRM and email marketing applications, allowing you to automatically transfer information like orders, stock levels, contacts, shipping labels and shipping tracking. Not only does this automation save you many hours of manual work – it also saves a lot of money!

To put it simply, everything will be connected.

If you change a customer’s information within a particular platform, with OneSaas, that change will automatically update across the other platforms you’ve added to your Neto Store, ensuring your important data is always up-to-date.

What does this mean for our Neto customers?

Accounting - invoices and customers are automatically created when an order is placed in Neto. Payments, products, and stock are synced too. Apps include QuickBooks Online and Xero.

Fulfillment - when an order is placed in Neto it will be passed to your fulfillment provider. The tracking number is passed back to Neto so the customer can track their item. When stock levels are updated by your fulfillment provider, they will be also updated in Neto.

CRM - customer and order information is passed to your CRM when an order is placed in Neto. When products are created/updated in Neto, they will be updated in your CRM. Apps include Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

Email Marketing - contacts are added to your email marketing list when they are created in Neto. Apps include MailChimp.

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