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Neto Partners With Temando

Neto Partners With Temando

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh
Great news for Neto clients!

We are happy to announce our partnership with Temando, a leading delivery management platform for businesses around the world. Each year, Temando help over 30,000 clients deliver to millions of customers around the world.

What this means for Neto customers?

We have built Temando directly into the Neto platform. Just like adding any other integrated carrier, you can now add Temando's available shipping carriers from around the world. Best of all, its integrated into Neto's existing work flows, so there is no learning curve.

How about freight quotes?

In addition to being able to print and manifest shipping consignment for Temando carriers you can also provide your customers (or yourselves) with real time freight quotes for each carrier. Turn on low cost routing and the system will automatically select the cheapest available carrier based on the customers location, weight and dimensions of the order.

Will it work mobile pick'n pack? 

Yes, our temando integration works with Neto Pick'n Pack our new revolutionary mobile dispatch solution. 

What carriers are supported?

Temando support a number of carriers including Allied Express, TNT, Fastway, Hunter Express and more. For a full list of carriers please contact Temando or visit their website.

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