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Neto Protip: See who's not buying with abandoned carts

Neto Protip: See who's not buying with abandoned carts

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

Want to have a second chance to sell your products? The "Abandoned Carts" function in Neto can help you do just that. 

When you turn on abandoned carts, existing customers who have logged in or new potential customers who have typed their email address in to the checkout page but have not made a purchase will be contacted via email. This email ideally details what was in their shopping cart and allows you to invite them back to complete their purchase.

To turn this feature on, simply do the following: 

1. Go to: Webshop Settings

2. Click the checkbox and save your changes

You also have the power to customise your abandoned cart emails. Simply: 

1. Go to: Email Templates 

2. Under "Content" and select the "Abandoned Cart Customer Email"

3. Customise your email and save your changes

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