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Neto v5 is Coming Soon!

Neto v5 is Coming Soon!

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

Over the past 6 months we have been busy developing Neto V5, the most significant upgrade to the Neto E-commerce Suite since its release.

Neto V5 is due to be released in September, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy its benefits prior to the Christmas rush.

In anticipation of its release, here are a few improvements that may be of interest to you:

New Underlying Infrastructure

We have re-built and re-modeled large parts of our infrastructure to deliver a faster, more reliable user experience for both your web shop and control panel.

New Category Management System

We have re-built the category management system. You can now reorganise categories on the fly (without needing to reorganise products) and have multiple category trees for different areas of your website.

New Product Manager

We have re-built the product manager. Features include instant "drag and drop" image uploading, a new variation system and the ability to choose which fields appear for simpler management.

Tighter Inventory Control

We have re-built our inventory management system to better cope with multiple warehouses, drop shipping and kitting.

eBay Category Mapping

Map your existing web shop categories to eBay categories for seamless eBay listing. Once mapped, all you need to do is assign a product to a web shop category for it to appear in a related eBay category. This centralised approach to product categorisation could speed up your eBay listing process dramatically.

eBay “Out of Stock” Control

Tired of listings ending when you sell out? With “out of stock” control you can have eBay listings remain on eBay even when they are sold out. Listings will appear as “sold out” to eBay customers until you receive new stock.

Customisable URLs

Always wanted customised URLS? Now you can! With customisable URLs you can create your own URL structure for any page (content, category or product). You are no longer limited by system generated URL structures.

New Modern Look

We are continually improving the general user interface with smarter filtering, better navigation and improved usability. This release will feature a new navigation structure, more in-line help and a smarter getting started guide.

We look forward to delivering these improvements soon and will keep you updated closer to the release date.

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