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Neto Webinar Q & A

Neto Webinar Q & A

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

If you were able to tune in for our Neto Webinar the other week, we hope you found our updates on streamlined shipping carriers, payment and stock management as interesting as we do!

If you missed out, or haven't heard a thing about it, you can view the webinar here:

We had a few requests for our Q & A section to be shared, so please find a copy of all the questions with detailed answered below.


New Payment Methods and Afterpay

What are the different between the payment companies - eWAY, Braintree and Stripe?

We recommend you visit the companies sites in order to review their features and determine which one is best for your company.

How do I install one of the new payment methods such as Afterpay or eWAY?

To access Afterpay, or one of the other new Payment Methods such as Stripe, eWAY or Braintree, you need to enable Managed Checkout. If you are new to Neto since version 6.4 this will be automatically enabled. To install go to: Your Neto Control Panel > Setup and Tools > Payment Methods.

What happens to my existing payment methods if I move to Managed Checkout?

Managed Checkout does not impact your existing payment methods, they will continue to be available after the move.

If I enable a new payment method will it be automatically be available on my website?

Yes, as long you have Managed Checkout enabled, all new payment methods will appear in your checkout one enabled.

Do the new payment methods mean we no longer required our existing bank payment gateway or merchant account?

The new payment methods such as eWAY, Braintree and Stripe provide you with both Merchant Account and Payment Gateway, meaning that you may be able to review your existing arrangements.

Which payment gateway is Australian?

eWAY is an Australian gateway provider.

Does the new eWAY now support Beagle Enterprise?

Yes, the new eWAY Rapid integration now supports advanced services such as Beagle Lite and Beagle Enterprise. We suggest contacting eWAY directly to discuss the differences and find the right solution for your business.

I already have eWAY what are benefits of moving to eWAY Rapid?

One of the most important aspects of the new integration is support for Beagle Lite and Beagle Enterprise.

Braintree is owned by PayPal, what is the difference between them?

PayPal is a payment method in its own right - credit cards, debit cards, cash, paypal - where as Braintree is a payment gateway that accepts credit cards and PayPal.

In the event of a stolen credit card or other credit card fraud, who does liability fall upon?

For Afterpay payments, Afterpay take the fraud risk. There is zero fraud risk for merchants.

Does Afterpay work without Managed Checkout?

Yes there is an older version of our Afterpay integration that is available if you don't wish to move to Managed Checkout.

Do my customers require an Afterpay account to buy with Afterpay?

Yes you customer will require an Afterpay account. The first time they use Afterpay from the checkout they will complete the short application form (about 2 minutes), and get immediate approval. They will then be able to use the account for subsequent purchases. If they are rejected, they will be returned to the checkout to select a new payment method.

What are the minimum and maximum sales values that I can process using Afterpay?

We recommend contacting Afterpay directly for questions relating to their service.

How much does it cost to use Afterpay?

We recommend contacting Afterpay directly for questions relating to their service.

How does Afterpay handle cancellations, returns and refunds?

For further information on Afterpay Returns Policy, please see Terms and Conditions or Afterpays website:

Do you offer zipMoney as well?

Yes we offer both zipMoney and zipPay. In Q1 2017 we are looking to move zipMoney and zipPay across to the managed checkout in order to improve the buyers experience with these payment methods.

Do I have to convert to Managed Checkout now or can I do it later?

One of the drivers for the development of the Managed Checkout was so that we can make new functionality - such as click and collect, new payment methods, stored credit cards etc - available to all our merchants without them needing to make changes to their store. The current version of Managed Checkout is only compatible for merchants who are using the generic checkout without changes - such as custom fields - or design tweaks. Release 6.6 will see the launch of our updated Managed Checkout which will available to any merchants who want to be able to maintain customisations in their cart and still want to access and benefit from new functionality.

Does Neto plan to support the ability to process refunds with payment gateways?

Yes, our roadmap for 2017 includes implementing the ability to directly process refunds with our preferred payment partners.

Can customers now store credit card details for further purchases?

The implementation of stored credit is on our roadmap for the first half 2017 and once deployed will be available straight away to all merchants on Managed Checkout.

When setting up Stripe, do we require a Merchant Banking Account?

No, Stripe handles the processing of cards on your behalf. Therefore you do not need a merchant bank account to use Stripe.


Do I need the Neto Ship Add-on to access Sendle?

You are able to access Sendle without enabling the Neto Ship add-on.

Can I use both Sendle and Neto Ship and all of my shipping options appear together?

Yes, you can use both Sendle and Neto Ship, in fact we encourage it, especially if you have products over 25kg or wish to provide your customers with services not currently supported by Sendle (see below for further information).

Does the Sendle matrix / rates auto populate when you turn it on?

Yes, turning on Sendle will automatically create the relevant shipping matrix and Sendle will immediately appear in you list of shipping options - no more work required. Sendle rates are calculated through via the Sendle API, so whilst they won't appear on the matrix, you can view them on the Sendle website:

Can I modify the Sendle matrix?

Yes, you can modify the automatically generated Sendle matrix to remove a warehouse, change the name etc.

How much does it cost to ship with Sendle?

Sendle offers shipping from $5.98 depending upon destination and plan (Premium or Pro). Further information on Sendle's rate card are available on the Sendle website . Please not that the pricing is based on the larger of cubic or actual weight.

What carriers do Sendle use?

Sendle is unique in that it does not own its own fleet. Instead it leverages a range of carriers to deliver your freight. These currently include Fastway, Couriers Please and Toll Priority.

Is Sendle just for smaller retailers or does it work for people doing large volumes?

Sendle does offer significant benefit to smaller retails who are not eligible for courier accounts due to volumes. That said Sendle also offer a Pro account with further discounted rates for merchants shipping more than 200 parcel a month.

What are the pick up and delivery zones for Sendle?

Pick up and delivery zone information is available from the Sendle website. You will find it on this page:

Are their limitations to the size or weight of parcels I can ship using Sendle?

The maximum parcel weight is 25kg. Please not that Sendle does not support tail lift shipments.

Can you send items to a PO Box or Parcel Locker using Sendle?

No, Sendle cannot ship to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers, if you wish to provide that service, we suggest using AusPost eParcel.

Does Sendle do Express, Overnight or Same Day Delivery?

Sendle do not offer express, overnight or same day delivery. Deliveries are picked up the next day after they are booked. For more information on estimated delivery timeframes see the Sendle website; or Delivery time frames on their support site:

Can I use Sendle in shipping methods such as "free delivery over $xx"?

Yes, Sendle is another carrier in Neto, whilst we set up a default shipping method, you are able to use Sendle in the creation of more advanced shipping methods such as free shipping.

Does Sendle allow dangerous goods?

No Sendle is not able to ship dangerous goods or alcohol.

Do you have to use special packaging for Sendle?

You can use any standard satchels and packages for Sendle (such as the one available on eBay or from office supply stores).

What happens if the Customer is not home?

Sendle's couriers will leave a card for the customer to arrange for a delivery at a later date / time.

Do you need a special printer for POS?

No Sendle labels are able to be produced by Neto using the current method by which you generate labels.

Are Sendle packages trackable?

Yes Sendle packages are able to be tracked through the Sendle website.

Is it possible to just use Sendle in the back end rather than have it appear as a customer shipping method?

By default Sendle - once installed will automatically appear in your customers list of available shipping options. Yes it is possible to have Sendle as a back end shipping method only. To do this, you should edit the Sendle shipping method and mark the Visible to Customer field as No.

Does Sendle integrate with eBay?

No, Sendle is not integrated with eBay directly. You can however use Neto to connect to eBay and ship with Sendle.

When are Sendle going to be available in New Zealand?

Please contact Sendle for further information about their expansion plans.

When are Sendle going to be available for international shipping?

Please contact Sendle for further information about their expansion plans.

Do I need weights and dimension to use Sendle?

Yes, you will need weights and dimensions in order to book a Sendle consignment - irrespective of whether that is how you calculate shipping costs.

Can I send multiple cartons via Sendle?

Yes you can send a consignment with multiple cartons via Sendle. Each carton will need its own label.


What Platforms do you support for the POS System?

Neto POS can be run on any device that can connect to the internet and can run the latest version of Google Chrome browser or the Apple iOS App.

Click on the link below for a list of recommended devices:

Can a POS sale be started on a tablet, saved in draft and completed on a computer?

POS sales can be parked and retrieved later, but only at the device level. Parked sales are not saved to the Control Panel until they have been completed.

Does POS support Pay on Account or Pay Later?

Yes, Neto POS support Account Payments, as well as Layby (coming soon).

Can you set up a customers credit limit through Neto POS?

You will need to use the CPanel to set up the customers credit limit. Once set up you are able to see the credit limit on the customer card as well as use the account credit mode in purchases and refunds.

Does POS support user price groups or wholesale pricing?

Support for user price groups is currently in development and we plan to make it available to all existing and new POS subscribers in January 2017. This will then enable loyalty as well as wholesale pricing.

Do products have to be active to show in POS?

Yes, only active products display in POS. In Q1 2017 we will be enhancing the product management area to allow people to indicate which channel a product should be displayed in as well as channel specific pricing.

Does POS support discount amounts instead of percentage discounts?

The POS team is current working on improvements to discounts, including the ability to set maximum discount percentages and apply discount amounts at the product and order level. It is anticipated that this functionality will be available to all existing and new POS subscribers in January 2017.

Can I use my Online Store payment methods in POS?

Currently you cannot use you online store payment methods in POS. This request has been noted for consideration for future development.

Can we use POS offline (like at markets) ? If so, does it register as just one sale or a number of cash purchases?

Yes, you can use POS offline. When you re-sync you device, each individual sale will be downloaded as a unique cash purchase.

Will Neto POS support exchange as a payment method for a like for like swap?

We do not currently support exchange. It is on our roadmap for 2017 and we should be able to provide further information about the timing in early 2017. 

Does Neto POS support redeeming gift vouchers?

You are currently able to sell gift vouchers via POS. The ability to use a gift voucher is planned for release in Q1 2017. Until that point, gift vouchers sold online or via POS are able to be redeemed via the control panel.

What is the Synchronise Data option for on POS?

Synchronise data allows you to synchronise your sales, products and customer data.

Neto Inventory

How much is Neto Inventory?

Neto Inventory is free with all medium plans and above and all "grandfathered" plans. You will need to enable Neto Inventory via the purchase orders area in the CPanel.

Are you able to do use a barcode scanner or phone app to do a stocktake or scan products to create or receive a purchase order?

Integration of scanners for Neto inventory is on our roadmap for 2017. We will confirm the timing in early 2017.

Are you able to download a CSV of the purchase order to email to the supplier?

Purchase orders are currently only emailed to the supplier in PDF format. At this point we don't support download or email a CSV of purchase orders, we do note the popularity of this feature with the webinar audience and will be investigating its inclusion in the roadmap for the first half 2017.

Will there be API access to create Purchase Orders?

This is in our roadmap, we will be able to confirm the timing for this feature in early 2017.

Can we import and create Purchase Orders and Inventory adjustments from excel, CSV or FTP?

As part of the initial inventory configuration you will be able to import inventory adjustments via CSV. The ability to import purchase orders is on our roadmap, we will be able to confirm the timing for this feature in early 2017.

Will Purchase Orders be synched down to our Accounting Package?

Yes, once you configure the relevant settings and accounts Neto Inventory will synchronise purchase orders into your integrated accounting package as bills for payment. It will also synchronise stock adjustment journals. See Question below for further information.

What Accounting platforms are you planning to integrate with and when?

We are planning to integrate with all accounting platforms available via our Neto Connect Add-on, specifically Xero, MYOB, Saasu and Quickbooks. Neto Inventory will launch with the Xero integration, and we are planning to have all integrations complete by the end of first half 2017. We will be prioritising these integrations based on customer feedback and number of merchants using the relevant integrations.

Does Inventory link to eBay and POS?

Yes, Neto Inventory offers a native omni-channel experience, meaning that your inventory is fully integrated with POS, eBay and your online store.

Are you able to add landed costs (ie Postage / Shipping, duties etc) to Purchase Orders?

The introduction of advanced landed cost calculations is planned for Q2 2017. Until that point in time you can add additional costs to a purchase order by adding non-inventoried (virtual) items to your orders. For example you can setup an item in Neto called "shipping" and add this to the purchase order, as you would any other item.

Will Neto Inventory update the Xero balance sheet, and where do the fields map to?

Financial integration will NOT be available at BETA, however at launch Neto Inventory will integrate with Xero. You will be to configure an asset account for your inventory (populated by the purchase order) and a COGS (direct cost/expense account) that will be increase when when sales are made.

For a Purchase Order, when do stock levels update?

When you create the purchase order the incoming stock value is updated. When you receive the purchase order the stock levels update from incoming to on hand stock.

Will Neto Inventory allow me to sell into negative stock levels?

Yes, Neto Inventory will allow stock to go into negative.

Can I edit a purchase order and adjust costs before I receive it?

Yes, you can edit and adjust the costs on the purchase order right up to the point that you receive, once it is received you wont be able to edit it. The reason you cannot adjust costs after receipt is that the Average cost of goods sold is generate at receipt. Once advanced cost tracking is built you will be able to adjust some of the costs - such as shipping and duties and have an manual adjustment automatically calculated.

Does Neto Inventory support 'kitting'?

Yes Neto Inventory support kitting at a component level.

Does Neto Inventory produce purchase orders for drop ship suppliers?

Yes, you can produce purchase orders for any supplier, including drop shippers. You cannot however produce a purchase order per sales order for a drop ship supplier that includes the customers shipping information. We are planning to further enhance inventory for drop shipping to include export to txt file, automated PO generation and mailing as well as inclusion of order and shipping information. We expect to be able to provide more information around the timing of these features in Q1 2017.

Can I generate a purchase order from a customer order?

We do not currently support generating a purchase order from a customer order. This functionality is on our roadmap for Q1 2017.

Can Neto Inventory be set up to automatically email a supplier or drop shipper purchase orders based on a set of business rules or triggers?

We currently do not provide the ability to have purchase orders automatically generate based on a predefined set of business rules, such as drop shipping or stock levels. This is on our roadmap for Q1 2017.

If I use Neto Inventory do I still need to use a separate inventory management package or Inventory management via my accounting platform?

Neto Inventory is native functionality, this means that it replaces existing inventory management functionality and integrates with your financial management system at the purchase order and stock journal level. You will be unable to install Neto Inventory if you have an existing inventory integration OR if you currently keep stock in you financial management system as it will cause conflict and potential impact data integrity.

If I create a Purchase Order in Xero will it adjust stock number in Neto?

Neto Inventory uses Neto as the source of truth for product and stock information with the data syncing from Neto to Xero. Continuing to use Xero for Inventory after turning on Neto Inventory may cause data conflicts and impact data quality.

Will Neto Inventory default to perpetual or periodic inventory?

Neto Inventory is based on a perpetual inventory system model using the weighted average cost method.

Does Neto Inventory support serial number tracking?

No, Neto Inventory does not support serial number tracking, however you are able to track serial numbers on the sale.

Is cost of goods global or location specific?

The average cost of goods and average retail price are currently calculated globally. Introduction of location specific calculation is planned as part of our advanced inventory functionality for multi-locations.

Does Neto Inventory support non AUD Suppliers and Purchase Orders and multi-currency?

Yes. Neto inventory does support non AUD suppliers and purchase order. You will now be able to indicate the native currency for a supplier. Any purchase order generated for that supplier will be in the relevant currency, with the value being converted into you business base currency. Whilst we will be giving users the option to export in foreign currency or converted base currency. As Xero requires you to be on their highest plan to get access to multi-currency and you need to install every currency. We would recommend converting to base currency as this will allow for direct reconciliation of payments for the user in Xero. For example if you store is in NZD and you buy from a supplier in USD, the prices etc for the PO will be in the US, and the PO will be converted to NZD, any subsequent journals will also be in NZD. Each only purchase order only support one currency.

Are you able to limit the ability to do stock adjustments and other stock related functions to certain users?

Neto has a very powerful role system, you are able to create roles and limit that role to a certain functionality. We will be releasing a set of out-of-the-box roles to make this task simpler in 2017.

Are you able to map stock adjustments to specific accounts depending on the reason for the adjustments?

Yes, Neto Inventory as a set of defined adjustments and you will be able to map accounts to reasons for stock adjustments.

Will Stock adjustments and stocktake be integrated with the Neto Pick n Pack app?

Yes, mobile receipting and adjustments is part of our inventory road map. It is not part of our launch version, but is likely to be developed in 2017.

Are there ways to product a Purchase Order without adding each product manually?

You are able to generate purchase orders from the product search; where you can search by multiple criteria such as supplier, colour etc and select add all. You are also able to generate purchase orders from sales and inventory reports such as the restock report and the stock management report.

Will Neto inventory provide me with the ability to managed multiple suppliers and costs for the same SKU?

At the moment we currently on support a primary supplier and supplier SKU against a product. At the moment you are not able to have multiple suppliers for a single SKU. It is on our roadmap for first half 2017 to provide this capability.

Is it possible to create a new product from the purchase order?

All products added to a purchase order must be in the system, however you can edit the supplier SKU that is sent on a purchase order. Adding new products and suppliers from the purchase order screen is on the roadmap.

How does purchase orders support variations such as size or colour?

Purchase orders contain the child product, not the parent product. So each different size or colour is able to be added as a unique line.

Does Neto Inventory support batch tracking?

No, Neto Inventory does not currently support batch tracking.

Can we use pick zones or location numbers in generating or receiving a purchase order?

You can use pick zones in generating a purchase order by search for products by pick zone in the product search and selecting all relevant products and generating the purchase orders. We also display pick zones on the receive tab in the system, so you can group receiving by pick zone. Please note we do not print pick zones on the purchase orders as this is a document that goes to your supplier.


Do you need to have a live web store to be eligible for the Inventory BETA?

As long as you are generating revenue and processing orders via the CPanel, are on a Medium Plan and have no existing integrations, you will be eligible for the BETA program. But don't worry, Inventory will be live in December and open to everyone.

What is Managed Checkout?

Managed Checkout is Neto’s new default checkout which provides access to up-to-date payment methods such as: eWAY Rapid 3.1, Braintree and Stripe. Managed Checkout is designed with responsiveness in mind, helping you capture more sales, allowing you to focus on running your business and less time chasing abandoned carts. Once installed, managed checkout is maintained by Neto's team of developers (just like your Neto Control Panel), therefore any new features, payment methods or bug fixes will instantly be available to you at no extra cost. This is different to your current checkout, which is not updated with new functionality.

Any plans on integrating Quickbooks with Neto?

We are current building our Quickbooks integration and plan to release it in early Q1 2017.

Are there any timeframes for the Amazon integration?

The Amazon Integration is on our Roadmap for 2017 we should be able to provide more information about exact timings in January.

Are there plans to support ApplePay?

Integration with ApplePay is on our roadmap for Q1 2017.

Will Neto replace MYOB or Xero in term so of mainstream functionality?

Neto focus is as a omnichannel digital commerce platform which allows our merchants to sell anywhere and manage everything in their supply chain. We have no intention of moving into financial management or accounting capabilities and have a number of partners that provide excellent solutions in this space.

Are there going to be any updates to Neto Pick n Pack?

Yes, there is a plan to redevelop the Pick'n Pack Add-on as a native iOS application in 2017. This includes the ability to use the iPhone as a scanner.

Are there plans to connect to Albert terminals?

We have no plans in integrate Albert terminals at this time. For all current and planned features please see our roadmap.

Does Neto have fraud management tools - apart from those provided by the likes of Stripe, eWay and Braintree?

Yes, Neto also provide the Maxmind Fraud Filters Add On which is a 3rd party fraud prevention service for credit card processing. See the "Fraud Filters" addon in your Neto Addons store OR visit the Maxmind site for further information on their offering:

Are there plans to integrate to Square Register?

No, at this stage we do not have plans to integrate with Square Register.

Is there a payment method available that forces customers to enter a pin number for checkout to complete?

No, at this point there is no payment method available that forces pin validation. We would be interested in better understanding our customers requirements in this space. If you are interested in this features, please contact us directly.

Is ParcelPoint on the roadmap?

In 2017 we will be rolling out improvements to our collections functionality, we do not currently have ParcelPoint on our roadmap, however this may change depending upon merchant demand.

Are there plan to extend Reporting into enhanced custom reports or more complex reports?

It is in our long term roadmap to provide more extensive reporting, however the exact timing of these enhancement is as yet unplanned.

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