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Neto's New Mobile Template

Neto's New Mobile Template

As promised back in November, Neto is happy to announce our new Bootstrap-based mobile template.

Our design team took advantage of the Christmas period to develop an all-new mobile e-commerce template from the ground up. This template is easier to customise, faster at loading and sports a cleaner, more user-friendly design to parallel our webshop templates. It’s fully supported on iPhone & Android, with most of the features from your webshop.


Built with Bootstrap

Just like our web shop template, the mobile template is now completely built on the Bootstrap framework. This makes it even easier for external and internal designers to customise the template, provides us with more features and brings the theme of your mobile site even closer to the look of your desktop equivalent. This further streamlines the development process for new sites too, which saves everyone time. It's now even easier to use the same adverts, button styles and product thumbnails across both your web and mobile shop, with just a little design work.

Optimised for E-commerce

When designing our new mobile template, we took care making each decision, optimising the interface carefully so that it's easier for your clients to browse and purchase from your store. The new template sports bigger, touch-friendly buttons so your users won't have any problems navigating your site. It's also much easier to navigate search through the new main navigation menu, which is designed with touch devices in mind.

Studies show that many mobile e-commerce users prefer to browse stores on their phones and make purchases later, on their desktop. This is why our new interface prioritises the Add To Wishlist feature. This allows users to bookmark all of their favourite products and come back to them at a more convenient time.

Smooth Checkout Process

We've devoted a lot of time to fine-tuning our one-page checkout for mobile devices. We've managed to keep the checkout process close to the desktop experience, while removing any unnecessary distractions and giving the interface great touch support. With our new simple, yet full-featured checkout, making a purchase from your mobile store is smoother than ever.

Support for Blogs, Articles & Buying Guides

Unlike the old mobile template, our new template has full support for blogs, articles & buying guides. This means all your loyal customers can stay updated on the go and is great if your blogs attract a lot of customers through search engines like Google.


We've included some subtle gesture support too, so people can swipe to browse through product images on all product pages, and the same goes for the carousels many of our clients have on their homepages. This provides a great experience for mobile users who are scoping out products in their spare time, with the intention to purchase at a later date.

All in all, we're pretty proud of our new mobile template and we've already successfully implemented it for a handful of new clients. If you're interested in upgrading from your current mobile template, or if you haven't purchased one yet, contact for a quote from our designers.

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