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Securing Your Website

Securing Your Website

Neto goes to great lengths to secure its servers; this includes daily 3rd party network scans, the installation of intrusion prevention software, redundant firewalls and strict security policies.  In addition to the security we employ, it is important that you also take measures to secure your website and your customers.

If you accept credit cards on your website you must have a valid SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate issued in your business name installed at all times.  This will help to protect your customers when transacting on your website.  All modern browsers display a websites security status within the browser toolbar.  Users now expect to see a lock icon or green bar when shopping on e-commerce websites.   A valid SSL certificate will ensure this is the case.
SSL provides a mechanism to verify the identity of website, and to encrypt the messages sent between the website and client.  At Neto we issue Geotrust SSL certificates.  Geotrust is the #1 brand of SSL for the top 1 million most visited domains on the web.   Although we issue and recommend Geotrust SSL certificates you can use any SSL provider.  Other popular SSL providers include Thawte, Godaddy & Comodo.
If you choose to purchase your own SSL certificate, you will require the following:
  • A CSR (certificate signing request) from Neto.  If you do not have this already, it can be obtained by contacting your account manager or emailing with the subject "SSL CSR Request For".
  • Access to one of the following email addresses: Or (your certificate will be sent to either one of these addresses)
Once you have paid for and received your SSL certificate please send your certificate to for installation.
In addition to SSL certificates Neto also offers the Geotrust Malware scanning service to all its clients.  This service includes:
  • Daily anti-malware scan for regular check-ups
  • Analysis of web page for identifiable malicious code, plus monitoring to identify malicious activity to enable easy clean-up of infected site
  • Instant alerts identifying malicious code to enable fast malware removal
  • On-demand scans to enable quick confirmation of clean site status
  • Display of the GeoTrust trust mark on your website
Secure site seals and trust marks can help to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales conversion rates.

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