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Steps to prevent credit card fraud on your website...

Steps to prevent credit card fraud on your website...

One of the risks associated with selling online is credit card fraud.   Merchants are responsible for all credit card fraud conducted through their website.  In most cases, banks can apply charge back fees and debit fraud money from your account without warning. 
To help reduce credit card fraud you should install and configure Maxmind Min Fraud ( fraud prevention software.  Simply enter your Maxmind license key into your Neto administration control panel to activate this service.  For a cost of just a few cents per transaction, Maxmind is an excellent fraud prevention tool that should be utilized by all merchants.
Things to be suspicious of when it comes to credit card orders:
  • overseas orders from new customers
  • postal box address for shipping of goods
  • a billing address that is different from the shipping address
  • free web-based email addresses (eg:
  • orders from African nations and Eastern Europe
  • orders comprising large numbers of duplicate items
  • orders for high value branded goods
If you are still unsure, call your merchant facility provider to check that the credit card used to process the order has not been reported as stolen since the order was placed.  If time allows, wait a day or two before shipping the goods.  There is a good chance that the credit card owner will notice fraudulent transactions and report their card as stolen.

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