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What is BPAY and how can you offer it on your website.

What is BPAY and how can you offer it on your website.

BPAY is a convenient, fast and easy way for your customers to pay you. BPAY is an electronic payment service offered by Australia’s leading financial institutions as a core feature of Internet and phone banking.  BPAY gives customers the option of paying their invoices at any time, day or night, on any day of the year, saving them time and reducing the hassle of paying invoices.
BPAY payments can be made directly from a customer’s bank account or through a credit card.  Neto supports BPAY and all BPAY check digit algorithms.  
How to Setup a BPAY Facility
To offer BPAY on your website you will first need to obtain a BPAY biller code.  You can obtain a BPAY biller code from your bank.  Setup fees and transaction fees apply to BPAY payments but are traditionally much lower than merchant facility charges.  
Once you have received your BPAY biller code you can enter this into your Neto administration control panel to start accepting BPAY payments.  BPAY is an excellent alternative to accepting direct bank deposit as each transaction has a unique ID making the matching and reconciliation of payments extremely easy when compared to direct bank deposit.

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