Provide a complete omni-channel experience

Create a seamless consumer experience

Omni channel retailing – creating a tailored, seamless customer experience integrated across all marketing channels – is the future of ecommerce. Neto’s omni-channel retailing software will help you increase customer engagement with a superior, holistic consumer brand experience.

With the rapid growth of digitally savvy buyers – customers want convenience, consistency and transparency – to make purchase decisions.

Embrace the omni-channel

Omni-channel strategy embraces the idea that customers engage most with brands that offer a unified experience, whether they’re accessing the business through a mobile website, a home computer, social media, advertising, direct mail or in-store.


The perfect omni-channel solution

Using Neto’s innovative omni-channel retailing software, ecommerce businesses can:

  • Develop a more holistic view of customers’ purchase history, preferences, demographics, and shopping behaviour across all channels
  • Build a more satisfying experience for customers who use both traditional and digital shopping channels to source information
  • Create a stronger, cohesive brand identity
  • Streamline marketing processes across every channel, such as product information, pricing and promotion updates
  • Craft more effective marketing offers, tailored to each unique customer using their data

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