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What separates a successful ecommerce business from a struggling one can be many factors – but order fulfilment is always key to running an efficient online store.

A successful order fulfilment process ensures that your inventory is well tracked and managed, products are organised well with correct labelling and barcodes, and the right products end up in the right places on time.

Efficient warehousing means products can be located and dispatched without delay. When integrated with your freight solutions for dispatching and delivering products in the minimum time possible, the advantages to a business are obvious.

To your customers, of course, no waiting around for products to arrive is a major plus. A smooth ecommerce order fulfilment process gets orders there on time – making it more likely that customers will come back to order from you again.

Benefits of using Neto as your order fulfilment system

Your business benefits in several areas with our highly efficient order fulfilment system:

  • It provides your customers and your staff with accurate, real-time shipping quotes at the click of a button.
  • The shipping automation module helps to streamline order fulfilment and dispatch by cutting out the need to use third party freight services. It is integrated with all of Australia's leading shipping carriers.
  • It makes printing and manifesting of shipping labels easier and simplifies warehousing of products. Using our Pick'n Pack app you can even run paperless warehousing.

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