Google Search Console Setup

Google Search Console Setup

We will configure Google Search Console with your web store.


Google Search Console Setup

As part of this service, Neto will setup and configure the following on your behalf:

  • A Google account (if you do not already have one)
  • Add a website property in the Search Console with the correct settings according to your business and website parameters.
  • Complete the Google site verification process by adding a HTML tag to your website template in Neto.

Once the account is setup and verified, Neto will:

  • Submit a robots.txt file
  • Submit a sitemap
  • Check for crawl errors and any other common issues.
  • Provide any relevant suggestions for you to monitor going forward

What happens after you purchase this service?

  1. We send you a form to capture the data we need to deliver the service
  2. We complete the service using the data / instructions you provide 
  3. You review the results of the service and provide feedback / revisions where necessary
  4. Service is signed off / approved by you

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