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As a referral partner, it’s important to understand the product you are endorsing. The documentation below will help you to understand what Neto does best.

Neto Bootcamp

We have built an online course designed to teach our partners about the features and benefits of our system, preparing you to endorse our product confidently.

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Introduction to Neto

Don’t have time to complete Neto Bootcamp? Check out our quick summary of Neto and it’s capabilities.

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For your customers

While you may not need to know the ins-and-outs of Neto, it’s important that your customers do. The documentation below is a good place for them to start.

Neto launch guides

The guides below help merchants set up all of the essentials so they can start trading on Neto.

Webstore launch guide

Get your web store live and trading online.

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Point-of-sale guide

The cash register re-imagined. Get stared with POS

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Webstore launch guide

Get your eBay store live and trading through Neto.

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Knowledge Base

The most useful articles for merchants using Neto for their business.

Support articles

Hundreds of answers to our most common questions.

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Point-of-sale knowledge base

Learn how to use Neto’s point-of-sale software.

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Ebay knowledge base

Learn how to use Neto to manage your eBay business.

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Specialised articles

The most useful articles for merchants using Neto for their business.

Anatomy of a webshop

Learn about the different components that make up a Neto-powered store.

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Importing Data

Learn how to import customers, products, orders, and categories.

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Introduction to Pick'n Pack

Learn how to use Neto Pick'n Pack for mobile order processing.

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For web designers

Learn how to design class-leading websites.

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For developers

Learn how to use our API to integrate your third-part app.

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Training videos

Learn the ropes with our step-by-step training videos.

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Ask the experts

Need help with design, content migration, shipping integration or anything else? Get in touch.

Professional services

Shipping matrix setup, data migration, imports, etc.

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Support Enquiries

I'm struggling with something and would like assistance.

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Design tweaks

I would like my design template modified.

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Accounting enquiries

I'd like to contact Neto's accounts team.


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