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Create a seamless customer experience with PayPal

With PayPal, your ecommerce business can now cost-effectively accept credit or debit card payments.

You can now provide a fast, secure online payment method for your customers using a PayPal shopping cart software.

Having a PayPal integrated shopping cart also means that your customers can view a complete list of their selected products and purchase multiple products with a single payment.

Give your customers the experience they deserve

The Neto ecommerce platform fully integrates with a PayPal shopping cart to provide a seamless customer experience. Together they act as an all-in-one shopping and payment solution.

paypal integraton

Both the front end shopping experience and the back end processes work together to create a simple and effective platform to help you grow your online business.

We have made building a PayPal shopping cart website easy and straightforward, allowing you to create an ecommerce ecosystem that works seamlessly in your business.

  • Low costs – no upfront costs and low ongoing fees from PayPal
  • Easy to sell – PayPal maintains detailed transaction records, making it easier for you to send tailored marketing messages to your customers in the future
  • Repeat customers – customisable buttons and secure payments to create an enjoyable customer experience
  • Easy to setup – no CGI scripting is necessary to get started

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