Build credibility with genuine users reviews

Harness the power of online shopping cart reviews

Enabling online shopping cart reviews are crucial for your ecommerce website. Why? Consumers want to feel empowered and make informed decisions about the products before they buy.

An online shop that allows customers to provide helpful feedback for other users is steps ahead of websites that don’t give customers that opportunity.

Featuring even a small number of genuine reviews can have a positive impact on sales.

More than just praise

There are so many great things customer reviews can do with your website. With reviews you can:

  • Prove that your company is transparent and accountable to customers
  • Boost credibility with new buyers
  • Gain valuable insight from customer feedback and reviews
  • Set expectations for your customers and steer them to the right products for them
  • Reduce the number of product returns and customer enquiries

Make the most out of your Neto

Neto’s online shopping cart reviews function enables customers to rate and write reviews for products they have purchased with ease. Its user-friendly design also allows other users to comment on these reviews. As more users contribute new, original and dynamic content to your site, your website’s organic search visibility will improve, helping customers find your website more often.

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