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Let your customers shop securely with our intelligent security system

With a secure shopping cart from Neto, you have access to the latest in-built security technology to create a robust shopping system that keeps your customers’ passwords, credit card details and debit card information safe.

The peace of mind that your customers will enjoy from iron-clad security on your shopping cart can be your point of differentiation from your competitors.

Give your customers the peace of mind

Incoming traffic is intelligently profiled in real-time – blocking all the latest web threats, and outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimised using Imperva's global CDN. All information transfer data is encrypted, meaning that credit card details and passwords are hidden as they cross the Internet.

Despite the extra security, our system delivers fast load times and keeps the shopping experience enjoyable for your customers. All Neto shopping carts come equipped with:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for sensitive credit card information
  • Orders are sent securely to the email address of your choice
  • PCI compliant hosting
  • Daily security scans
  • Choose any SSL provider or use our default SSL provider, Comodo

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