Variation / Matrix Products

Variation / Matrix Products

A variation product is a product that has multiple inventoried buying options. For example a shirt that comes in multiple sizes and colours.

Neto supports an unlimited number of variations per product. Each variation is referred to as a “child” of its “parent”  product. The below diagram represents this relationship:



The “Shirt” in the above example is the “parent” product and each size and colour variation is a “child” of the parent.

A parent will contain shared information about a product such as a products description while each variation (child) will contain unique product data such as specifics, images, stock, pricing and shipping dimensions. A parent is not a purchasable product, it is purely used as a container for its children.

When adding variation products you must therefore add a “parent” product and its “children” (variations) as separate SKUs. The above “Shirt” example would result in 5 new products added to your database. 1 parent product and 4 children.

In addition to the regular product required fields mentioned above, the following required fields are needed for variation products. These fields link variation products together in a format that makes it easy for customers to navigate your product database.



Field Name

Field Type

Field Description

Field Restrictions


Example Input

Parent SKU

Text String

The child products parent SKU

Max Length: 25





A list of the products specifics. Eg: colours & sizes available

Semicolon separated list. If multiple specific values for one type separate with a pipe (|)

Specific Type:Specific Value|Specific Value|...|Specific Value;

Colour:Red; Size:Small

Product Specifics / Matrix Products

Product specifics are the unique properties of a product. These are used to differentiate products and to create a matrix of product options for your customers to select from on variation product pages.

Variation products can have more than one specific. For example a “Small Red T-Shirt“ has the following specifics:

Colour: Red
Size: Small

A matrix of specific options can be displayed as drop down select boxes, text links, radio buttons or images.

Below is the end result of a matrix that includes the specifics; colour and size using  drop down select boxes.

You can define the type of option (drop down, text, radio button, image) a specific uses  is by going to: Neto control panel > products > product specifics.

  • Last Modified: 02/11/2015