How do add custom product fields

To begin creating a custom field for a product, you will need to navigate to:

Admin > Customisable Fields > Product Fields

From here, you can create a new custom field or modify existing fields.


To add a new custom field click:

Add New

By default, this will be the next available field number.


You can then give your custom field a name.  


Next, define what it is - whether it is a Boolean value (True/False), a number value or just simply some text.


Set whether you want the custom field to appear on the product page or thumbnail.


Define the section on the product page that the field appears in. For example, if I am creating a field related to the naming of an item I may have it appear in the   Naming and Visibility section.


Lastly, you can add a description which can be used to explain the field.


Please make sure you click save after making any changes.


Modifying a Custom Field is done the same way but instead of clicking Add New, click on the Field ID, the Field Name or on the pencil icon over to the right and Edit. From here, you can modify your Custom Field.


Now that you’ve set up a new Custom Field you use it with your products.


Open the product you want to use your new custom field with and click Other.



  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016