How to add a new customer through the control panel

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In Neto, Customers can be created through the control panel, when they checkout and they can also be imported into the system. In this short video we are going to take a look at creating customers through the control panel.


To create a new customer from the control panel:

  1. Navigate to customers and then select add customer.
  2. Enter a username for the customer which is what they will use to log into Neto.
  3. There is the ability to free text a password for the customer on their behalf or you can automatically generate one for them by selecting random password.
  4. A great idea is to tick the checkbox that says email password to user so that they receive an email with their login details.
  5. Select the active checkbox if this is going to be an active customer.
  6. There’s also a field on the right hand side to sign the customer up to automatically receive newsletters.
  7. On the right hand side there’s even a flag to make this person a VIP.
  8. Select the checkboxes that are relevant to this customer.
  9. Enter a company and URL (if required). Usually this information only needs to be entered if the customer is shopping on behalf of a company.
  10. Enter the customer’s name into the relevant fields.
  11. Enter the customer’s contact details such as email address and phone number.
  12. There’s also a field for an ABN number if the customer is a company. If you have user groups setup for different types of customers ensure you select the correct one from the drop down.
  13. Select any permissions, order types, account manager and other details using the relevant fields.
  14. If you would like to add a note to this customer’s card that can only be seen by staff enter these notes into the internal note field.
  15. There is a field to enter in any referral information as required.
  16. Enter in any preferred payment details including invoice terms, discounts and preferred payment methods.
  17. Select Save when complete.
  18. The customer’s card will now display.
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Last Modified: 18/07/2018