Create a variation product

This video will demonstrate how to add a Variation Product.


An easy example of a variation product that you can create with Neto is clothing where variations are based on size, colour, fabric and any other variables that are specified


There a two components to a Product with variations:

  • the Parent Product which manages all the individual variations under the one product page on your store front end

  • and the Child Product which is a separate product for each of variant which maintains details such as sales history, stock levels and any other information that may differ


To create a variation product start off by going to:

Products > Add New Product

Select Add Product with Variations


From here you will need to populate the fields with the relevant details and click continue.


The information added to this product page will be the default information and will display for all the variations.


To add the individual variation products scroll down to the submenu Product Variations.

Select Add New Variation. A pop up box will appear where you can then edit the specifics of the new product variation.


In this example we are creating a clothing product. You will need to create a new product for each sizing option. To do this, select “size” as the specific or simply type it in to create it. Now select the value for this particular product. Once you have typed in a specific and a value Neto automatically will save this for future use with other products.


Next populate the product with a SKU, Name, Brand, Shipping Information and adding pictures. Hit save and this will create your first product variation, the page will refresh to your Parent Product where you can repeat this process until all of your variant products have been created.


Once all of your product variations have been created scroll to the bottom of your Parent Product page and click Save to show it on your website.


If I choose to create products with a second, third or fourth variation, you will need to complete the above step for all variations. For example if the second variation is colour you will need create individual variations for sizes in the first colour and all sizes for additional colours.


Please note that the style a Variation Product displays on your store will depend on your selected website template theme. To edit this you will need adjust the HTML source code or request a design tweak from Neto’s design team.


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018