How to add eBay item specifics

In this video we will cover:

  • What are eBay item specifics?

  • How to add item specifics

eBay Item Specifics are a great way of optimising your listings and adding additional fields of information about products. For example, a DVD may have specifics for the rating or the genre and a fishing rod may have specifics for the brand or material.

You can list item specifics in eBay by first adding specifics to the products in Neto.

Select the Products menu, and choose View Products.

Open a product, and select the Specifics/Filters menu.

Add the specific Name and Value, and save.

To configure the rules templates to use these specifics, navigate to eBay > Listing Rules Templates.

Open the appropriate listing template by clicking on the ID number.

Click on the Categorisation And Listing Rules tab.

Scroll down to Specifics.

Add each item specific you want to list to eBay making sure that the name matches the name value you have added to your products. For example, if you have added a specific called Brand to your product then add a specific called Brand on the listing template.

The system will automatically map the specifics you have added to products in Neto to the specifics you add on your listing templates provided that the specific names match.

The field called Value should be left blank as this will be populated by the data you have on your products.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018