How to add slides to your advert carousel

In this video we are going to cover:


  • What are advert carousels?

  • Creating a new carousel

  • Editing an existing carousel

  • Deleting a carousel

  • Managing campaign groups


What are advert carousels?


An advert carousel is a image slideshow that normally appears on the homepage of your site. They may also be on other pages depending on the design of the website theme.


There are two types of carousel: Ad Banner and Ad Unit. Ad Banners can link to a page on your website or even  a page on another site. Ad Units have a headline, text and button which overlays an image. Which carousel you can have on your website depends on your website theme. To check which one to select, have a look at the Home page of your site. If the slideshow image has text and a button overlayed then it is an Ad Unit so click on Add Image & Text Ad. Otherwise, click on Add Banner Ad.


The carousel is comprised one or more Ad Banners or Ad Units.


Creating a new carousel


To create a new Ad Banner or Ad Unit, login to your control panel and go to:

Marketing > On Site Advertising > View All Campaigns.

Click on Add New Campaign


You will be presented with three options: Ad Banner, Image & Text Ad (Ad Unit) and Featured Product Ad. Featured product ads are covered in a separate video.


In the Type and Status section, you can change if the advert is visible  or not on the website by changing the Status to Active or Inactive.


The Group drop down is used if you have multiple ad carousels on your website and want to allocate the banner you are creating to a particular carousel. This feature depends on the website theme you are using.


Enter a start date and end date if you want the banner to display between particular dates. Leave the date ranges blank if you would like banner to display indefinitely.


The Sort Order can be used to select the order of the banners in the carousel. The highest number displays first and the lowest last.


Click on Save & Continue. You can now upload the banner image under the Ad Builder section.You can upload images in JPG, PNG and GIF formats. You can convert the image format and select the size of the upload image.


It is recommend that you convert the image to JPG as this has the smallest file size and will reduce the time it takes to load the web page. You can also select the image width and height. The width will depend on your website theme design but will never exceed 1200 pixels. If you set the width and not the height, the image will be resized proportionally. You can also set the quality for .jpg images between 50 and 70%. The lower the percentage, the smaller the file size and the lower the quality.


Enter the Headline / Alt Text. For an Ad Unit, this will be the headline text that appears over the image.


If it is an Ad Unit, two more options are available:

  • the Ad Text will appear under the headline

  • the Call to Action Link Text will appear inside the button


Enter where the image (for an Ad Banner) or the button (for an Ad Unit) will link to when clicked. Select URL and enter a web address or select a product or content page on your website. The second drop down is used to drill down to a particular product or page.


Select where you want the ad to display on your website. You can also allocate this advert to a page, blog post or product category. Select the page and click Add. You can add multiple pages, post or categories. Click on the red cross to remove a page from the list.


Save to complete the banner. To add multiple images to the carousel, just repeat the process.


Editing an existing carousel


To edit an existing advert banner, go to:

Marketing > On Site Advertising > View All Campaigns


You will see a list of Ad Banners and Ad Units. You will see what type of advert it is under the Campaign column. Select the ad you want to edit by clicking the Campaign Name or ID.


Deleting a carousel


To delete an existing advert banner, go to:

Marketing > On Site Advertising > View All Campaigns


Tick the checkbox (on the left) of the item you want to delete, then click on:

With Selected > Delete

You can select more than one campaign at a time.


Managing campaign groups

To manage the Campaign Groups, go to:

Marketing > On Site Advertising > View All Campaigns


Click Add New button to create a new group or click on the group name to edit an existing group. Give the group a name. The description is for your reference. Then save the changes.

  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016