How to adjust stock quantities and how to do a stock take

In this video we will look at:


  • Making stock adjustments

  • Running a stock take


Neto has 3 methods for modifying stock quantities of products in bulk:

  • Stock Adjustments

  • Stock Take

  • Import/ Export function (covered in another video)


Stock Adjustment


From your control panel go to:

Products > Stock Management > Stock Adjustment


You will see a list of Product SKU’s and Warehouse combinations with the current stock levels shown.


To modify the quantity, enter the amount that you want to add or remove in the Quantity To Adjust field and click Apply Adjustments at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Enter a positive number in to increase stock and a negative number to decrease the stock.


If you want to move stock from one warehouse to another select the warehouse you want to move the stock to in the Move to Warehouse field, enter the number you want to transfer in the Quantity To Move field and click the Apply Adjustments button.


Stock Take


Another way to modify stock levels is by performing a stock take. Go to:

Products > Stock Management > Stock Take


To modify the stock level of a product enter the amount you in the Quantity Counted and click Apply Stocktake at the bottom left corner of the screen. Please note, this field overwrites the current stock level, so if you have 5 and the current stock recorded is 3 you need to put 5 in this field. This field is not an add or remove field as on the Stock Adjustment page.

  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016