How to allocate a product to a specific warehouse or dropshipper for fulfillment

Video Transcript

In this video will demonstrate how to allocate your products to different warehouses for fulfilment.


Once your product has been added,  click on the Warehouse and Picking submenu to edit the Default Fulfilment Warehouse/Pick Locations.


Select the warehouse from the dropdown menu and click on the plus sign to add the warehouse to your item. Set the priority on the warehouse - the primary warehouse has the highest number.


The location ID is used for internal references only and can be set with any letter or number combination.


For products available in multiple warehouses repeat the above processes until all warehouses have been added. Save your changes.


Warehouses with a higher priority will be selected automatically when an order is placed.


You can test this once complete by going to:

Orders > Add New Order

and adding the product.


Once the product is added the appropriate warehouse will display automatically.


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018