How to assign an eBay listing rules template to existing active listings (for eBay migration)

Video Transcript

In this video we will demonstrate how to add a new listing rules template to an active listing.

When you have setup a new template and are ready to apply it to your active eBay listings go to:
eBay > eBay Listings > Active Listings
Select the listings you want to apply a listing template to. You can use the filter at the top of the page to filter your results.
Scroll down to the Bulk Apply Listing Template to Active Listings.
Select a listing template from the drop down list and click Bulk Apply Listing Template to apply the listing template.

There is an option to define whether or not the shipping rules of the new listing template are to be applied. 

You can opt not to use the new template shipping rules, in this case, the existing shipping rules will remain on the active listings. As listing rules templates don’t normally differ based on shipping rules, this can be quite useful as it means that you don’t have to sort through all of your listing sand allocate special listing rules templates. You can update all listings with a single template and use shipping specific templates for new products. 

You should only apply listing templates to active listings when you are 100% sure that a listing template performs as you are expecting it to. Please test your listing templates against 1 or 2 active listings or with a new listing prior to applying the changes in bulk. 
You should perform a stock take in Neto before using it to control stock levels on eBay. The stock numbers imported from eBay when you initially sync your account are for reference purposes only and may not be correct if you have since sold or updated stock in eBay.

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  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016