How to calculate shipping for an order or change an orders shipping method

In this video we will cover how to calculate shipping costs or change a shipping method on an order.


Calculate shipping costs


For an order that you have created through the control panel, it is very simple to calculate the shipping costs.


Click the “Calculate” button on the create order page, after you have entered all of the required items. A drop down list of all available delivery methods will then load with their respective costs and you can select the method you would like to use.


A delivery discount by percentage or dollar value can also be added by entering the amount in the space provided.


Change the shipping method


You can also change the shipping methods for orders that have already been created.

To change the shipping method or costs of an order that has already been created, open the order press the orange “Hold or Edit” button.


If you have integrated with accounting software, select the option to “Re-export order to accounting software” and save changes. This will ensure that any changes to order value totals or stock quantities will be updated in your accounting software as well.


You can now modify the shipping details as required.


Save to update your changes and, if integrated, your accounting software will be updated  on the next export.


Change the order status to reflect the status you want to show in the system.

For example, if the order needs to be picked, mark it as Pick or if the order is ready to be packed, mark it as Pack.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018