How to change order status in bulk

In this video we will demonstrate how to change the status of multiple orders at once.


Orders are organised into statuses for easier order management and so that you can easily track the progress of an order. They each have their own function relating to stock management.


For example, an order in Pick will reserve stock, but not take the item out of stock. Moving it to Pack will take the item out of stock and finally moving it to Dispatched will mark the item as shipped.


You may need to update multiple orders at once for several reasons including: cancelling orders, putting orders on hold, or progressing the orders through the system.


To bulk update orders, go to:

Orders > View All Orders


You can filter the results using the filter at the top of the page if required. Alternatively, you can access them from the customer card or view orders by their current status from:

Orders > select status


Select the orders you want to update.


From the bottom of the page select the new status from the drop down menu under Change Order Status. Click Apply.


This will then bulk update the statuses of all of the orders you have selected.


  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016