How to create an eBay listing rules template (to list products to eBay)

In this video we will cover:


  • What is a listing rules template?

  • What is a design template?

  • How to create a listing rules template


What is a listing rules template?


A listing rules template is used when list products to eBay. It outlines all the rules that determine how products are listed. For example, it defines a product’s selling format (fixed price or auction) and listing duration (GTC, 30 days, 10 days etc). You can assign an unlimited number of products to a listing template.


This is different to a listing design template.


What is a design template?


A design template is a format for the look of the listing: the layout, colours and logo. Neto includes a number of free eBay listing design templates that you are free to use, you can build your own or you can employ Neto's in house design services. A design template is assigned with listing rules under design tab.


Neto's design template system supports custom html and css. Combined with B@SE,Neto’s template tagging language, you can create highly customised and dynamic eBay design templates.


How to create a listing rules template


Go to:

eBay > eBay Listing Rules Templates > Add New


A listing rules template is broken down into a number of tabs.


The Template Details tab defines the name, which ebay account you are listing to and which ebay site.


The Categorisation & Listing Rules tab defines your category you are listing to, specifics being added from product pages, item condition as well as if you are listing variations. This tab also has listing rules section where you specify listing format and duration as well as the quantity you wish to list of each item to ebay. The stock control section allows you to select out of stock function which means when you run out of stock your ebay listings do not get removed but rather stay live on ebay without the ability for buyers to purchase your item. This is recommended as it maintains your sales and ranking history. The quantity you define in this section will be listed to ebay however this amount will not get updated again till your stock on ebay falls below the threshold amount set under ebay settings. For example if you set 10 on listing rules and your threshold number is 3 your ebay listing stock will countdown from 10 to 2 before the stock level is pushed back up to 10 on ebay. This is a great function to have as your potential customers see your stock levels diminishing rather than staying high.


The Listing Design & Images tab is where you allocate a design template and specify which images you would like to use.


The Field Mapping tab allows you to define different fields for certain values on eBay. For example, you may wish to use a different eBay title to your website title or different price group from website price.


The Shipping tab is where you define your shipping services and location of your item.


The Payment & Returns tab you define how you would like to get paid including mandatory paypal account and returns policy.


The Assign Products tab is where you specify which products you would like to be listed using these rules.


You may need to have multiple listing templates, these are usually required when you

  1. ​Sell through multiple eBay stores / sites

  2. Offer different shipping services for different products (eg: some items are available for express delivery while others are not)

  3. Sell in multiple selling formats (eg: auction and fixed price)

  4. List products at different durations (eg: some listings 30 days and some 7 Days)

  5. Offer different payment options or returns policies for different products

  6. Sell products with variations (different colours and sizes)


You can dramatically streamline your eBay listing management by reducing the number of listing templates you have by keeping things simple.


  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015