How to create an eBay listing schedule

Video Transcript

A listing schedule defines when and how often an item will be listed. These schedules can be specified separately and then selected from a drop down menu in the listing rules template.
To add or create a new schedule, go to:
eBay > Listing Schedules
Click Add New on the right hand side

Give your schedule a name that you will remember. We recommend using the start time for easy reference. Fill out the details of the schedule (time, days of the week, months, etc) and save. 
To add the schedule to a listing template you go to:
eBay > eBay Listing templates > view All Listing Templates

Open the template that you want to add the schedule to.
Under the Categorisation and Listing Rules tab scroll down to Listing Rules.
Select your new listing schedule from the drop down menu. 
Save your changes. 
You can also create and add new schedules directly from the Listing Rules Template.Click on Create New Schedule. This will take you to the schedules page where you can create a schedule. Add it to the Listing Rules Template and save the changes. 
To delete an eBay schedule, go to:
eBay > Listing Schedules
Select the schedule that is no longer required and 
With Selected > Delete

Ensure that you have updated your eBay Listing Templates prior to deleting schedules to prevent any listing errors.

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  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016