How to create and use custom filters to streamline operations

In this video we are going to cover:


  • How to apply advanced filters

  • How to create and remove custom filters


To use advanced filters on all searchable pages, you will need to use the drop down arrow. Let’s use the product page as an example.


Go to:

Products > View All products


The dropdown arrow is located to the right hand side. This gives you access to a full list of filters that can be used to narrow your searches.


For example, if you wanted to find all of the out of stock products in a specific category, set the filter QTY On Hand to 0 (zero) so that the search is limited to all products with a maximum quantity of 0.


You can then select the category you want to search by using Filter by Content/Category and selecting the category you want to search in.


Once you’ve set your filter, click Apply Advanced Filter to show the search results.


Creating custom filters can be done the same way. If you have a specific search that you use constantly, you can save that filter for future use. To do this set the advanced filter parameters and run the search. Only after the search has been performed can you click Custom Filters located just below the filter list.

Custom Filters > Save Current Filter


Give the filter a name that identifies what it does and so will be easy for you to remember.


If you would like to make this filter available for all other users in your control panel, tick Save Filter For All Users checkbox before saving. Save your filter.


Once saved, you can access this filter at any time by navigating to the page it relates to. For example Products > Custom Filters  and then you can choose your filter.


Alternatively, you can navigate to the view page itself (Products > View All Products), select Custom Filters > and then choose your saved filter from that list.


Should you decide to delete that filter at any time, go to:

Custom Filters > Manage Filters 


From the filter page. Select the filter and, with selected, delete.


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018