How to create staff user accounts

Neto has a powerful staff user system for companies with multiple employees who all need access to the cpanel in order to perform their daily activities. This video and the one on user permissions will cover everything you need to know about staff users. In this video we will cover:


  • Creating a new user

  • Selecting a permission group

  • Assigning a picking zone


In order to create a new staff user, go to:

Admin > Staff user manager > Add new user


Fill in the user details such as username, email, first and last names. You can either enter a password of your choosing or click Set Random Password. Remember to keep a copy of the generated password for your records or to email to your staff member.


The API key is used for developing applications that can integrate with Neto and will be covered in a different video in the Neto 101 series.


The status of the user should be left as Active.


Now we assign the new user to a permissions group. Permissions groups allow us to set rules about what the user can and can’t do in the Neto cpanel. Select the group that is appropriate for the user. We will assign this user to the warehouse group. For more information on permission groups see the video in the Neto 101 series.


Now select a default warehouse for this user.


Lastly, assign this user to a picking zone. If you have a small warehouse you probably won't use this feature but for larger warehouses, picking zones can be a big time saver, allowing a staff member to pick everything from one section of the warehouse at a time.


Click on Picking Zone in the left hand menu and then Add Picking Zone. Select a zone from the dropdown. If you wish to add another zone for this user then click “Add Picking Zone” again for a new selector.


We have now finished populating this user’s data and can click “Save” or “Save and close” to write this user to the database.


  • Last Modified: 15/05/2017