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In this short video we are going to look at creating staff user accounts. The number of individual user accounts that can be created for your business in Neto is dependant on your Neto subscription which can be altered to suit the number of staff in your business. Staff accounts can also be made inactive should a staff member decide to leave.


Creating a New User Account

Let’s take a look at how we can create a new user account.


From the Control Panel, navigate to setup & tools and from the list of options select staff users.


A list of all staff users will now display> Select Add new.


Enter a username for the staff member. This could be anything from numbers, to first names, first name and last initial or first name and last name combinations.

When setting up your username structure keep in mind your plans for business growth.


Enter the staff member’s first name and last name into the fields.

Add the staff member’s email address into the field.


Enter a password for the user or select the Set Random Password.

When setting a random password it is advisable to take note of the password and email the password to the staff member.


Ensure the status of this user account is set to active.


Set the user’s permission group according to their role within the business.


Set a default warehouse for where this staff member will be predominantly working from.

To assign picking zones within your warehouse for this staff member, select picking zones. Select add picking zones.

Select a zone from the list. Continue adding picking zones as required for this user.

The user’s details are now complete. Select Save or Save and close to add this user to the database.

Making a User Inactive

If a staff member has left the business and you wish to make them inactive so that they no longer have access to Neto, simply select the checkbox beside their account within the staff users screen.

Then select with selected then select mark as inactive. Select OK to confirm  This will make the user inactive and they will no longer have access to Neto

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018