How to list a product to eBay

Video Transcript

Once you have created listing rules templates you need to add them to your products. There are four ways to do this in Neto:


  • from the individual product page

  • from the products list page

  • from the listing template

  • via the import / export system


From the individual product page


Go to:

Products > View All Products


Open the product that you want to list.

Click on the eBay submenu.

Select an eBay template to list the product with from the drop down box.

Click Add New Listing.

Once added, click the green “List” button


If you would like to first check for errors or how much listing fees will be click Verify Listing. This will not list the item or bill your eBay account. There is also a preview button which allows you to see how your listing will look on eBay.


From the products list page


Go to:

Products > View All Products


Select the products that you want to list and and at bottom of the page click:

With Selected > Add Selected to eBay Template


From the listing template


For more detailed information on how to create listing templates, see the other videos in the Neto 101 series. We’re going to go to an already created template and, under the Assign Products tab, you can search for products via SKU and add them to the template.


Via the import / export system


Another way of assigning products in bulk is through our import/ export system. To learn more about the specifics of importing, see the video in the Neto 101 series.


We’re going to jump right into a template. Here you can define a column and assign a listing template ID number to each SKU that you are importing. We recommend you either assign a listing number or a unique letter that relates to your listing template number. During import you can replace the letter with corresponding listing ID number.


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  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016